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Shipcloud 4 Pulpo WMS

Increase the efficiency of your shipping processes!

The connector between Shipcloud and Pulpo WMS is finally here!

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Pulpo WMS offers an advanced software solution for companies that want to make their warehouse and goods management more efficient. This platform is particularly suitable for organizations that work with 3,000+ items and face the challenges of dynamic and complex inventory management, e.g. batch numbers and expiration date.

Although Pulpo offers interfaces to many external programs, it has not yet been possible to establish a connection to the shipping and returns platform Shipcloud. With our plugin this is no longer a problem. Shipcloud 4 Pulpo is the connector between Shipcloud and Pulpo to provide integration of label generation and consequently increase the efficiency of shipping processes.

Label generation

When you close the packing box in Pulpo, label generation in Shipcloud is automatically triggered.

Label printing

The automatic storage of the Shipcloud label in the Pulpo system triggered the printing of the shipping label.

Address correction

Small address errors are corrected automatically.

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Our standard packages are based on your average monthly delivery quantity. You can find detailed pricing information in the FAQ at the bottom of this page.

For a free, non-binding trial version of the product, please contact us directly here . We are happy to provide you with the app free of charge for one month.

Upon request, we offer onboarding packages with which we will be happy to guide you through the introduction of the system and the associated processes.

Are your processes anything but standard? No problem, we will of course adapt Shipcloud 4 Pulpo to your needs. Short waiting times from order to go-live and adjustments within a few days are standard for us.

What can Shipcloud 4 Pulpo WMS do?

  • User-friendly setup: Setup is straightforward and intuitive, so there is no need for additional explanation.
  • Automated label creation: As soon as a shipping box is closed in Pulpo WMS, the shipping label is created automatically.
  • Automatic address adjustment: Small address errors are automatically corrected.
  • Fast label generation: Labels are generated efficiently within a few seconds.
  • Printing of customs documents: If customs documents are stored with a delivery, these are printed out with the label.
  • Upload of label data and tracking information: Once created, the label file and tracking information are uploaded directly into Pulpo WMS.
  • Direct label printing from Pulpo WMS: Once the label has been created, printing can be initiated directly from Pulpo WMS.
  • Synchronization with Shipcloud delivery status: The delivery status from Shipcloud is seamlessly synchronized in Pulpo WMS to provide up-to-date shipping information.
  • Optimization for weclapp API: Specifically designed to efficiently use the Pulpo WMS API with weclapp to ensure smooth integration and handling.

Our customers


Ordering, payment and binding

Which payment methods are supported?

You can pay directly in the shop via credit cards, PayPal or Apple Pay. We also work with other common payment methods such as SEPA direct debit or on account. Please feel free to contact us here .

Can you try Shipcloud 4 Pulpo WMS for free?

For a free and non-binding test version of the product, please contact us directly here .

What notice periods or commitments are there?

With us you don't commit to anything. Shipcloud 4 Pulpo WMS can be canceled each month 3 business days before the last day of the month.

How much does Shipcloud 4 Pulpo WMS cost?

There is a free demo to start with.

We calculate the cost of using the app dynamically based on the number of monthly deliveries.

Package 1: The first 1,500 deliveries cost a flat rate: € 49.95.

For deliveries beyond 1,500, we calculate the price per delivery and multiply it by the average number of monthly deliveries.

Package 2: 1,501 – 5,500 deliveries: Package 1 (€49.95) + €0.029 per delivery

Package 3: 5,501 – 15,000 deliveries: Package 2 (€165.95) + €0.023 per delivery

Package 4: 15,001 – 30,000 deliveries: Package 3 (€384.45) + €0.020 per delivery

If there are more than 30,000 deliveries per month, please contact us so that we can create a package individually tailored to you.

Setup and customization

Can you help me with the setup?

Upon request, we will be happy to guide you through planning and setting up the system and the associated processes.

We would be happy to take care of the entire setup for you as part of our onboarding package.

Please contact us directly here or book the onboarding package directly on this page.

Can Shipcloud 4 Pulpo WMS be tailored precisely to my processes?

We are of course happy to adapt Shipcloud 4 Pulpo WMS to your needs. - Short waiting times from order to go-live, adjustments within a few days. Please contact us directly here .

Do I need a Shipcloud license?

Yes, you need a Shipcloud license to use the app.

We do not use the standard interface between Shipcloud and Pulpo.

Our app creates an independent connection between Shipcloud and Pulpo that is not based on the manufacturers' existing interface.


What about support after the purchase?

Of course we won't leave you out in the cold. We would be happy to offer you a support package tailored to your needs. Simply contact us directly here .

Would you like to know more about the Shipcloud 4 Pulpo WMS app to find out if it suits your challenges?

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