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Microsoft Power Automate

To automate your processes, we use Microsoft Power Automate Flow.

Power Automate is cloud-based and offers functions with which automated workflows can be easily created within a system and, with the help of connectors, between different systems.

Our range currently includes the Power Automate 4 weclapp connector and the Power Automate 4 Craftnote connector. We are also happy to work with you on your own custom connector.

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Reference flows

Cognito Forms and Mailchimp / Google Sheet

When an entry is made in a Cognito Forms form, it is automatically transferred to a Google Sheet. Subscriptions are generated in Mailchimp for the selected newsletters in the form.

Tracking interactions

If an addressee of an email campaign interacts with an email (e.g. opens the email, clicks on links, etc.), the flow receives a webhook call from Mailjet and writes the details back to the CRM

Create Geo-targeted Short Link

A button in the Dynamics 365 account form automatically creates a short url for the business via The short url contains geo-targeting to automatically link to the correct country detail page that corresponds to the visitor's IP address.

Cognito Forms uploads and archiving

For each Cognito Forms form, the form content is archived in an SQL database and all uploaded images are stored in Sharepoint. In addition, newsletter subscriptions are created in Microsoft Dynamics.


Service providers often deliver files for billing by e-mail. With the help of flows, these files are automatically checked and filed. This process saves many hours of work each month and minimises the potential for errors.

Tasks for flagged e-mails

If an email is flagged or marked as important in Outlook, a task is automatically created in Microsoft To-do.

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