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Send with weclapp & Swiss Post

Our Fulfillment 4 weclapp plugin makes it happen!

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Unfortunately, mapping between weclapp and the Shipcloud shipping method with Swiss Post has not been possible so far. Our Fulfillment 4 weclapp plugin now changes this.

During onboarding, we go through your needs together and map the shipping method in weclapp. Very simple, easy and quick.

Pack station terminal app

No weclapp license costs when printing the label and setting deliveries to sent.

Shipping method mapping

Uncomplicated mapping between weclapp and the shipping method “Swiss Post” in Shipcloud.

Label creation & printing

Generate multiple labels for a delivery via Shipcloud and print them on a weclapp OS printer.

EAN scan & assignment

EAN is recorded with the scanner and immediately assigned to the corresponding position by the system.