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Altruan's innovative steps to optimize in-house shipping with Pulpo WMS and Shipcloud

Altruans innovative Schritte zur Optimierung des In-House-Versands mit Pulpo WMS und Shipcloud

In the world of e-commerce, the hygiene and health goods wholesaler Altruan has developed into an established provider. Recently, the company faced a complex challenge that had to be overcome alongside ongoing operations.  

The problem  

With constant company growth, the size of the product range and the corresponding complexity of the warehouse structure, it became necessary to expand the weclapp ERP with a professional warehouse management system (WMS) in order to be able to optimally map all processes. Without this change, suboptimal processes prevailed, wasting valuable time and resources. A supplementary solution was therefore needed to make the processes more efficient. 

The search for a solution: Pulpo WMS meets Shipcloud  

After extensive research, the choice fell on Pulpo WMS, which impressed with its excellent price-performance ratio and its recently added compatibility with weclapp. After an internal cost-benefit analysis, it turned out that the introduction of Pulpo WMS will lead to savings despite one-off and additional ongoing costs. Overall costs can be reduced in the first year. This is primarily due to more efficient processes and the reduction of costly errors.  

But there was a catch: Pulpo WMS only offered an interface to Sendcloud by default. However, Altruan has long relied on Shipcloud as their shipping platform of choice.  

Wals Professional Services: The implementer  

This is where Wals Professional Services came into play. Through previous successful projects, had established itself as a reliable partner that not only acts quickly and efficiently, but also offers creative solutions for specific needs. In intensive brainstorming and exchange with Pulpo WMS, owner Markus Wals and his team developed a prototype for integrating Shipcloud within a week. Within a month a finished version was available and operational.

"Our collaboration with Markus Wals and his team at Wals Professional Services was a crucial factor in the success of our project," explains Johannes Radl, Managing Director of Altruan. "Markus' ability to quickly grasp complex challenges and develop efficient, tailor-made solutions not only impressed us, but also made significant progress."

Right from the start, the guiding principles of the project were to create a simple, lean and fast solution that focuses on the most important processes and is not only easily scalable within the company itself, but also enables scalability to other companies thanks to its multi-client approach.  

The results: Faster, smarter, more cost-effective  

The results speak for themselves: Altruan now ships four-digit order quantities every day and can stay with the current Shipcloud shipping platform. As a result, Altruan not only saves a lot of conversion effort, but also continues to benefit from Shipcloud's advantageous conditions - the result is a monthly savings in the mid-three-digit range. The main features of the interface include automatic address adjustment, additional information such as customer and order numbers on the tickets, automatic label generation and automatic label printing. The delivery status from Shipcloud is also synchronized in Pulpo WMS.  


In the next few months, the interface will be expanded into a plug & play solution and made available to other companies. The flexible approach allows us to adapt the plugin to the needs of the company and to continually expand it with their input.  

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