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Power Automate 4 weclapp

Automate your workflows without programming.

Using our special connection tool and the weclapp API, you can seamlessly link the weclapp software to many Microsoft 365 services and have everything run automatically.

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What is it about?

Have you ever felt that your daily work processes could be made more efficient and simple? You're not alone! Many companies are looking for ways to optimize their processes without having to hire programmers or IT companies right away. This is where our special connection tool comes into play. It's like a bridge that connects different software together.

Imagine being able to seamlessly link the weclapp software that you use for your customer management or invoicing with the many useful services of Microsoft 365. This means you can automatically exchange data between these systems and create processes that would otherwise be manual and time-consuming.

The best part? You don't have to be a tech expert to use this. Our connection tool is user-friendly and specially designed for people who want to make their work more efficient without having to deal with technical details. Take the first step towards automation and discover how easy it can be to streamline your workflow!

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Application examples from our everyday life

AI invoice inbox

Import e-mail attachments as incoming invoices into weclapp with Flow and the Microsoft AI Builder.

Offer Reminders

Automatic reminders of expiring offers maximize your sales opportunities.

Reports effortlessly

Load the current price list and stock every week, format it, and email it to the sales team.

Proven use cases

We do the work for you with our ready-made flows that are ready to use. And don't worry - we adapt everything exactly to your individual requirements. Simple and effective. Interested? Contact us now to get your customized solution.

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Connector including installation and workshop

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution? We install the connector in your IT environment and train you and your colleagues in a customised workshop. We will address your individual use cases and ensure that you get the most out of Power Automate. The workshop includes 2 online meeting sessions of 2 hours each.

Connector for self-installation

Want to get started quickly? Download the connector directly after purchase, install it yourself and start automating your processes immediately. Simple, fast and efficient.

❗If you use weclapp ON or your MS Power Platform Datacenter is in Germany, please select the appropriate variant. ❗

Our customers

All filters and fields at a glance

Preset fields and filters: All fields, status values ​​and filters are already preset, so that no specific knowledge about the entities is required. This facilitates entry and handling.

Date Filters: The connector provides gt (greater than) and lt (less than) options for date filters, allowing for refinement of data search and analysis.

Multi-tenant capability: The connector supports multi-tenant applications. The weclapp tenant is set in the connection, which enables the transfer from one weclapp tenant to another.

Data management made easy

Get lists: Get overviews and specific information.

Retrieve records by ID: Access individual records specifically.

Create new record: Create new entries without any fuss.

Update data record: Update existing data records flexibly (with ignoreMissingProperties = true, ie only set fields are written).

Delete record: Remove records that are no longer needed.

Count records: Get quick overviews of your databases.

Full range of functions

Entities and Actions: All entities and actions, such as creating a sales invoice (shipment/id/{id}/createSalesInvoice), are clearly laid out and easily accessible.

File uploads: The connector also allows file uploads, covering a wide range of applications.


Explanations of terms

What is PowerAutomate?

Power Automate, formerly known as Microsoft Flow, is a service from Microsoft that allows users to automate workflows between different applications and services. Power Automate allows users to automate repetitive tasks by defining triggers, conditions, and actions. This enables a more efficient way of working by reducing manual processes and seamlessly transferring data between different platforms.

Why do you need a connector?

Connectors in Power Automate act as bridges between different applications and services, simplifying integration and data transfer. By using connectors, users without deep programming knowledge can create automated workflows that retrieve data from one source and store or process it in another. In addition, connectors expand the possibilities of Power Automate by enabling access to a variety of external services and platforms, which significantly increases the potential for automation.

What does AI mean?

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines programmed to think and act like humans. This includes skills such as learning, reasoning, self-correction and perception. AI technologies, like machine learning and neural networks, enable computers to perform complex tasks, recognize patterns, and make decisions based on data.

What does multi tenant mean?

"Multi Tenant" refers to an architectural principle where a single instance of software serves multiple clients or "tenants", with each tenant having its own configurable data and settings. In a multi-tenant system, all tenants share the same resources and applications, but their data and configurations remain isolated and separate from each other. This model is particularly popular in cloud services as it enables efficient use of resources and allows providers to centralize updates and improvements for all tenants.

Scope of the package and possible use cases

What does Power Automate 4 weclapp include?

Connector Solution for Microsoft Power Apps

Full coverage of official API endpoints.

Installation Guide

You will receive instructions including screenshots that you or your IT department can use to easily install the connector yourself. Alternatively, we also offer a package including installation and Power Automate Flow workshop for you and your team.

What other use cases are there?

The possible uses in your company depend very much on your business model, the size of the company and your use of weclapp and Microsoft 365. If you are unsure about the possible use cases, it is best to book the connector package with setup and workshop. In the workshop we will then go directly into your company. In theory, an infinite number of use cases are covered.


Is there support for Power Automate 4 weclapp?

We depend on your feedback to continuously improve our products. You are therefore welcome to send us an email to during business hours if you have any questions or problems.


Are there updates for Power Automate 4 weclapp?

We provide for a minimum of 2 years free updates for Power Automate 4 weclapp to all customers. As soon as an update for the connector is available, you will automatically receive the new version by e-mail at the address specified when purchasing.

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