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Automated order release: simpler, safer and more efficient

Automatisierte Bestellfreigabe: einfacher, sicherer und effizienter

Automation can provide a significant advantage, especially in complicated processes such as purchasing order approval processes. We'll show you how with the help of Power Automate and weclapp, your order approval process can be automated and easily save you time.  

Companies like EcoG GmbH already count on the automated order approval process.

This is how order release works  

Imagine you want to place an order in your company. However, for security reasons, not everyone is allowed to do this directly. You would have to go through a complex approval process with several manually written emails. Despite these manually set-up processes, users can still create orders in weclapp and send them to suppliers, which represents a risk.  

The automated order release in weclapp supports this process and maps it in weclapp and Power Automate.

The automated workflow looks like this:  

  1. Create an order : First you create an order in weclapp (including order items) and finish the entry. You choose who should approve the order (approver) and who should be informed (informant).
  2. Start flow : After you complete the capture, an automated flow will start. This sends an email with the note “Your approval is required” to the selected approvers.
  3. Approval : The selected people can then review and approve the order via email.
  4. Automatic further processing : After approval, the flow in weclapp creates the order documents and transfers the order to the supplier. The approvals are stored as comments on the order.

Safety first  

A central feature of this process is weclapp's authorization system. This ensures that not everyone can create order documents arbitrarily. Every order must go through this specific process to ensure the necessary approvals. Any circumvention of this approval process is prevented by modifications to weclapp permissions.

Final thoughts  

With weclapp and a structured process, the approval process for orders can be significantly improved. This not only saves time, but also provides greater clarity and comprehensibility.   

If you have any questions about the order approval workflow, just get in touch!