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Power Automate 4 Shipcloud

Automate your processes without programming.

Use our custom connector for the Power Automate Flow platform to connect the Shipcloud API and many services in Microsoft 365 and automate processes.

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Some application examples

Deliveries and labels

Automatically create deliveries in Shipcloud and create corresponding shipping labels.

Reading tracking IDs

Capture tracking IDs and automatically save them externally for optimized data management and analysis.

Price inquiries before shipping

Determine delivery costs before shipping - obtain an offer and query prices for optimized cost control.



Connector for self-installation

You can download, install and get started with the connector immediately after purchase.

Connector including installation and workshop

We install the connector in your IT environment. You and your colleagues will be trained to work with the Connector and Power Automate Flow in a workshop. We would also be happy to address your individual use cases in the workshop.


Scope of the package and possible uses

What does Power Automate 4 Shipcloud include?

Connector Solution for Microsoft Power Apps

Full coverage of official API endpoints.

Installation Guide

You will receive instructions including screenshots that you or your IT department can use to easily install the connector yourself. Alternatively, we also offer a package including installation and Power Automate Flow workshop for you and your team.

What other uses are there?

The possible uses in your company depend very much on your business model, the size of the company and your use of Shipcloud and Microsoft 365. If you are unsure about the possible uses, it is best to book the Connector package with setup and workshop. In the workshop we will then address your company directly. Theoretically, an infinite number of use cases are covered.


Is there support for Power Automate 4 Shipcloud?

We depend on your feedback to continuously improve our products. You are therefore welcome to send us an email to during business hours if you have any questions or problems.


Are there any updates for Power Automate 4 Shipcloud?

We provide all customers with unlimited free updates for Power Automate 4 Shipcloud. As soon as an update for the connector is available, you will automatically receive the new version by email to the address provided during purchase.

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