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Fulfillment 4 weclapp

Increase the efficiency of your logistics processes!

Optimize your shipping process with the Fulfillment 4 weclapp plugin, which creates a seamless connection between your weclapp and Shipcloud systems. Save valuable time with every delivery by integrating our logistics app, which is specially designed for your Packstation.

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Packstation Terminal App

No weclapp licence costs when printing labels and setting deliveries to shipped.

Label generation & printing

Create multiple labels for a delivery via Shipcloud and print them on a weclapp OS printer.

EAN scan & allocation

EAN is captured with the scanner and immediately assigned to the corresponding item by the system.


Our standard packages are based on your average monthly delivery amount (€0.03 per delivery).

For a free and non-binding test version of the product, please contact us directly here .

On request, we offer onboarding packages with which we will gladly guide you through the introduction of the system and the associated processes. The onboarding package includes a contingent of 8 working hours.

This includes the configuration of weclapp and our plugin to ensure a smooth integration into your existing operations.

Furthermore, the onboarding package includes:

  • Individual customisation of the plugin settings to meet the specific requirements of your company.
  • Support with installation and configuration of weclappOS.
  • Automation of your print processes for workflow optimisation via weclappOS print rules in weclapp.
  • Comprehensive training of your employees to ensure efficient use of the system.

Your processes are anything but standard? Of course, we adapt Fulfillment 4 weclapp to your needs. - Short waiting times from order to go-live, adjustments within a few days.

What can Fulfillment 4 weclapp do?

  • One-click solution to create Shipcloud shipping labels.
  • Built for speed: Fast processing of deliveries and incoming goods.
  • Self-explanatory and intuitive. No training time required for packers.
  • Runs platform-independent as a web app.
  • Unlimited number of packing stations and packers.
  • Self-management of users and configuration in the app.
  • Print labels at the time of dispatch via weclappOS.
  • Set deliveries in weclapp to dispatched.
  • Select shipping method or transfer from weclapp.
  • Possibility of dispatch via Swiss Post. Mapping in weclapp.
  • Possibility of white label shipping.
  • Scan EAN numbers to confirm the delivery quantity.
  • Optimised for working with Bluetooth barcode scanners.
  • Automatic calculation of the number of labels required.
  • Storage of labels and tracking numbers in weclapp.
  • Simple recording of serial and batch numbers.
  • Display of product images.
  • Simple order number scan. Deliveries can be created directly from the order.
  • Automatic invoice creation in weclapp on dispatch.


Packstation terminal

User administration



Order, payment and contract commitment

Which payment methods are supported?

You can pay directly in the shop via credit card, PayPal or Apple Pay. We also work with other common payment methods such as SEPA direct debit or invoice. Just get in touch with us here.

Can I test Fulfillmet 4 weclapp free of charge?

For a free and non-binding trial version of the product, please contact us directly here.

What are the notice periods or contractual obligations?

With us you don't commit to anything. Fulfillment 4 weclapp can be cancelled monthly 3 working days before the last day of the month.

Setup and customisation

Can you help me with the set up?

On request, we will be happy to guide you through the planning and set-up of the weclapp system and the associated processes and OS printers.

We are also happy to take care of the entire set-up for you.

Please contact us directly here.

Can Fulfillment 4 weclapp be adapted exactly to my processes?

Of course, we are happy to adapt Fulfillment 4 weclapp to your needs. - Short waiting times from order to go-live, adjustments within a few days. Please contact us directly here.

What is weclappOS and how can I print with it?

weclappOS connects your hardware items with the weclapp system. This way you can quickly and easily connect e.g. your printers on site to weclapp and print labels.

Do I need a Shipcloud licence?

Yes, you need a Shipcloud licence to use the app.

We do not use the standard interface between weclapp and Shipcloud. Our app establishes an independent connection between Shipcloud and weclapp that is not based on the existing interface of the manufacturers.

Can I also use the plugin to send items by Swiss Post?

Yes, the plugin allows you to map the Shipcloud shipping method "Swiss Post" in weclapp.


What about after-sales care?

Of course, we won't leave you out in the cold. We would be happy to offer you a support package tailored to your needs. Simply contact us directly here.


Which label printers do you recommend?

We have had good experiences with the following label printers:

Zebra ZD420dBixolon

With these printers, well over a million labels have already been created and printed using our plugin.

Which handheld scanners do you recommend?

We have had good experiences with the Inateck BCST-70 Bluetooth handheld scanner, which is available for little money here:

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