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Need custom integrations?

Then you are right with us! We implement connections and integrations for interfaces that are precisely tailored to your business processes. Postman Collection 4 weclapp is available for free download.

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Postman 4 weclapp

Do you have a concrete idea for a project with the weclapp API?

We recommend going through all the necessary API requests via Postman before developing. To make your work easier, we offer you a Postman Collection for the current weclapp API to download for free.

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Custom interface connections and integrations

Every company constantly exchanges data, both internally and externally. We help you to effectively and efficiently feed your data into your IT systems and to process it in the best possible way. In addition, we support you in picking up data, reading it out and integrating it correctly into another system.

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Reference projects

shipcloud x weclapp makes it possible to automatically generate and print shipping labels for delivery orders.

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Fastbill x weclapp makes it easy and quick to identify, file and post incoming invoices.

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